Monday, April 18, 2016


Going on the Civil Rights Pilgrimage was one of the best decisions that I could’ve made. From the time it started to the time it ended, there was a never a dull moment, just excitement, mixed emotions, and laughter. Although I have favorites from every day of the trip, I believe the best part overall was meeting everyone and making new friends. I am really hoping that I am able to attend the trip again my senior year.
One of my favorite places that we visited was the International Civil Rights Museum because it contained original artifacts, like the counter where the four college students sat and started the sit-ins and KKK clothing. The next place I enjoyed visiting, was the Emanuel AME Church because it was filled with many different emotions and being able to experience and witness their uplifting spirits was truly amazing. And being able to meet the pastor was also a plus! The Civil and Human Right Museum was nice to see because it was different. That was only museum that included human rights. I loved learning about other places in the world and what they were currently fighting for. It was a pleasure to meet civil rights activist, Dr. LaFayette and civil rights attorney, Dr. Fred Gray. Meeting someone who put their life at risk for the sake of others is a blessing and I could not thank them enough for having such an impact. Visiting the State Capitol in Montgomery, AL, was not exactly a favorite of mine, but it was definitely an eye opener. I had always heard about the confederate flag being a form of “state pride”, but to actually see it, along with a statue, left me speechless. I felt out of place there. In Selma, AL, I loved walking across the Edmund Pettus Bridge and singing with everyone, it was very powerful. I also enjoyed the Slave Stimulation part of the tour because the experience of it left me with many emotions, and made me wonder how people could be filled with hatred that much to allow innocent lives to be stripped away in such a small amount of time and not feel any remorse. Learning about the Little Rock Nine and seeing the high school they integrated made me feel so appreciative. Watching the videos about the mobs that formed outside, the violent attacks, and threats they had to experience, made me wonder how they ended up with the courage to do something as powerful as this. On the last day, the museum I really enjoyed was the Stax Museum. It was something different and cool to see. I knew music had an impact on the Civil Rights era, but I never knew it had a major one. 


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  10. In Washington DC, I enjoyed seeing Frederick Douglas house because to know that a man was able to live that nice in times of oppression was inspiring to see. Then to go the National museum of African history as culture was truly an amazing sight To see. To see the cruelty and oppression we came from to how we have changed and cultured was truly a blessing to see. I learned so much and filled in the blanks to a lot of questions that I had. For example, slaves were lied to fight in the revolutionary war on the promise of freedom.

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