Monday, January 30, 2012

Get excited!


My name is Kasia, and I am one of the student planners for this great trip! I am also a resident advisor for University Housing. I hope many of you have looked through the past blogs and have gotten a better idea of this trip, and I also hope you all decide to come with us! The trip is only $240 and this includes museum fares, travel, and the hotels! The reason why I love this trip so much is because you get so much more out of it than just reading facts from a textbook, or having your teacher spend one class period talking about the Civil Rights Movement. We are trying our best to get speakers who experienced the Civil Rights Movement. For example, two years ago we had Reverend Billy Kyles come speak for us. For those of you who do not know who Reverend Billy Kyles is, he was Dr. King's close friend and he was with Dr. King when he was shot.
The way we have our trip planned out is that we start where Dr. King was born, and we end where he was shot in Memphis. It is a very powerful trip (I promise!) and I highly recommend going! When I first went on this trip two years ago, I knew very little about the Movement, and I was shocked how much information I was not aware of.
For this trip, I am in charge of Little Rock and Memphis. My favorite place from Little Rock is the Little Rock Central High School Tour because I learned so much from the guide, and I loved how determined the Little Rock 9 students were to stand up for themselves. My favorite place from Memphis was the National Civil Rights Museum. It brings all of the places we went to in the other towns and cities together and it was surreal to see the place where Dr. King got shot.
You WILL leave this trip feeling inspired and far more knowledgeable, I promise you that!

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