Saturday, March 17, 2012

2 Days in the South

So far this trip has been pretty cool. We got to see the Martin Luther King Jr. historic site, the house he grew up in, the first church he preached in and just alot of stuff about his life. I thought this portion was going to be boring because every Black history month I always have heard alot of info about King, but this exhibit showed me alot of things that I haven't read in books or seen on tv (did you know Dr. King Jr. won a grammy?! Crazy, right?). I definitely appreciate the new things I learned about King, Coretta and how he came to be the Man he was. The Jimmy Carter center was great, I never really studied anything Carter has done for equality in the U.S and his center was a great way to get a brief overview of everything he has accomplished over the years. I will definitely look up more about Carter's life.
The restaurant in Nashville, Demo's was freakin awesome (s/o to Jake for the constant refills on the bread and beverages) and the restaurant in Atlanta, the Varsity was great w/ the high school desks for tables and the employers yelling at the customers...great atmosphere and food. Also, love the cool people that are on this trip and laugh at my corny jokes on the bus. :)

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