Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Rosa Parks Museum, Montgomery

The Rosa Parks Museum was freaking awesome!!!! I never knew the backstory of her story relating to the Civil Rights Movement. I did not know details in her life like the fact that she was not a plantiff in the case against her declaring that she went against a White person's orders. Regardless, she was still seen as the female face of the Civil Rights Movement. We spoke about the women that refused to give up there seat to a White person previoulsy before Mrs. Parks, but yet we were never introduced to them nor were they mentioned as participants in the struggle for equality on a major scale. I chalk this fact up to the fact that just like other great strides in American history Blacks always seem to be missing. As we spoke in the Tabernacle Baptist Church, Ma'am Joanne asked some of the students who did we do our elementary book reports on during Black History Month and it was sad to hear that each Black history maker mentioned from a large number of students were one of a group of only five Black greats. This was clear evidence that shows that Blacks are too often left out of history, which gives Blacks, as well as others the false sense that there are only a handful of Blacks that contributed to World History. Moving back to the Rosa Parks Museum, this shows why so many foot soldiers were left out of the textbooks that helped in the advancement of the Civil Rights Movement. Those women who defied the authority of the Whites that told them to give up their seats may not have been mentioned or well-known, but they still played a huge role just the same as Mrs. Parks.

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