Thursday, March 15, 2012

My thoughts before going...

I am really excited to go on this trip and cannot believe it is finally here! The main reason why I want to go on the trip is because, I believe it is a once in a lifetime opportunity -if I do not come back- to actual visually see the Civil Rights Movement history in a physical form versus reading or hearing about it. The place/city I look forward to the most is Memphis, Tennessee for two reasons. Number one, the National Civil Rights Museum, Underground Slave Haven, and Waffle House sounds amazing. I am curious about what exactly the museum will have in it, since it claims to be national. I have only read about what an underground slave haven was and would really like to see what the conditions were somewhat like. Also, I have heard the Waffle Houses are really good, so I am excited to experience one for myself. The second reason is because it is the hometown of a close friend of mine, who is actually visiting my hometown of Chicago during her spring break. It is unfortunate that we not be able to see each other, but I believe that being in and learning about each other's homes is pretty awesome too.


  1. Natali, you are going to LOVE Memphis! We have the most excellent speaker lined up to talk to you all. Since you are already excited to go there I am guessing it will be your favorite location :) See you TOMORROW!!!!!

  2. I'm excited your going on the trip! We will have to bond again and learn so much! Yay