Saturday, March 17, 2012

Trip Update by Kevin

Hi All!
So far the trip has been an amazing experience!! The ride from Champaign-Urbana was smooth as we watched several movies and documentaries. We stopped in Nashville, TN around sunset for dinner and saw the energy in the town for the NCAA tournament.

On day two, we awoke bright and early and got down to visiting the sites in Atlanta. We began at the Martin Luther King Jr. Center. For me, I was shocked at the different ways of segregation there were back then. It also amazed me at how young MLK Jr. was when he took on what would become the national civil rights movement. I was truly impressed at the 15 year timeline which documented all his accomplishments and how much he did each year. We were able to see the Freedom Center, the outside of his boyhood home and where he and his wife and buried.

For lunch, we drove into downown Atlanta and ate at the Varsity. It was a unique experience for me and a great time for us to bond as a delegation. 

Our last site today was the Jimmy Carter Center and Presidential Library. Though you might think Jimmy Carter might not connect to our trip, he had an integral impact on civil rights in the world. We learned more about his presidency and the different challenges he faced before, during and after his presidency. At the Jimmy Carter Center, there was great open garden which we were able to walk around and take pictures. to dinner at Underground Atlanta. :)

Keep checking back for updates and don't forget to comment!! :)

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