Sunday, March 18, 2012

March 18, 2012 - Atlanta, GA.

In the words of Ice Cube, I must say that today was a good day! We woke up and went to church (Ebenezer Baptist Church). The service was AMAZING! It felt really good to there and to also feel the history there. Walking through the old sanctuary where Dr. King preached was so surreal. You could feel the power in the room. I could probably sit there all day lol. Yeah, that was great. Then we got to meet and take pictures with his sister!!!! A HIGHLIGHT OF MY LIFE! Like, we touched history! However, I must say that my favorite part of today was going on the CNN tour! Amazing! I just saw my future right in front of me and it felt sooooooooo GREAT! Amazing experience! I felt like this day made up for a lot of the struggles we've been through on the trip. Well for me at least. Overall great day. I'll post pictures later, but right now.....I'm HUNGRY! Time for food!

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