Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Afro Second Post

From reading the rest of the required readings I noticed a similarity in them all which was individuals who are less willing to practice actions that may ultimately cause change. Those all of the reading were interesting the reading that stood out to me the most was Activism and Service-Learning: Reframing Volunteerism as Acts of Dissent. This article talked about students who were required to do community service in their communities. . I chose this article particularly because I instantly was able to connect being a college student myself. Also the fact that they were participating in community service was another thing that stuck out to me because I that is something that I am passionate about. There are different ways to portray community service but in this article however it was activism. When thinking about this trying to understand activism in the context may be difficult because many see activism with negative connotations when it comes to this and because of that students aren’t challenged to immerse themselves within this but rather distance themselves.

When reading Brainwashed it also stood out in particular to me because of the connections that I could make with how it explained the matters of discrimination and inequality as it is seen in society.  Thinking about all of the fundamental questions they ask: “Why can’t we build strong families?”, “Why do we keep killing each other?”, and “Why can’t we just stick together?”(Brainwashed) made me focus on different perspectives in order to understand the reasons for doing. I ask myself this because I have found myself falling into the brainwashing campaign at some point in my life. This article made that clear to me. It takes motivation to go out and further gather more information on what you learn. I know I read from a previous post that they learned more in depth the truth of what wasn’t said before. Hearing and seeing real life experiences is a part of that learning phase. This learning phase serves as a call to action similar to what is said that needs to be done in Brainwashed and I am glad that this pilgrimage gives us the opportunity to segue into that.

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