Sunday, March 30, 2014

Just that Easy

This post is for you, because you missed discussion, or because you couldn't find the words to say how you really felt
This post is about you, directed to you, for the good of you
It's meant to help you to find what's true... 
To your head, your heart, and your hands
It begins with a simple question that I've frequently been asked
It is pretty deep and it'll surely make you think.
What is it that you want to be remembered for?
How big will your footprint be?
This was important to me to share with you what I want my kids to see
I want my life to be filled with diversity and integration
Through the work of education I will be sure to mix dedication 
With a sense of aspiration to a mix of complications 
That will lead to the integration of a bunch of little people 
Little people that will change the world 
Because they'll know that it's ok that your friends little brother is in a wheel chair 
That just means he's a tad bit different and that they should treat him no different then anybody else
The trick to a good community 
Is simply put.... UNITY
Like the very fine Booker T once said "separate but equal"
There's no possible way to get everybody together 
But the way I see it is this...
If he knows that she knows that he went through the things that they caused 
Then maybe just maybe she'll understand that he doesn't quite understand their ways and she'll look past his flaws
And further more she'll accept him... Flaws and all
One of the most important things in life is support
through support we can change the world!
Support is apart of the big make-up of Unity
Through support we can do "this" 
Just you, him, her and me
We can have the audacity  to put one foot ahead of the other
Sister to sister, and brother to brother
Change can be  just that easy!

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