Saturday, March 29, 2014


Throughout this trip I have gained a sense of importance when it comes to my education. I just left Little Rock Central High School. There I was told the story of the "Little Rock 9". It's so sad to hear that many children of the 1900's had to fight for their educations. I literally mean fight physically and mentally. Then we look at today's education system and we see these high drop out rates and low attendance rates. It is only a very short fifty odd years from the days when schools were not even allowed to be integrated. How is it that in such a short amount of time the value of education has nearly seized to exist? 

I would never believe that their are more kids outside of college than in college because of my privilege. I am fortunate enough to have been surrounded by other people who have the same basic aim for success as me. It was never an option for me to not go to school. As I talk to the people around me I hear that it is the same for them as well. 

When i first began school I of course wanted to do good, but I did not want to put in the work. I really took my opportunity to continue my education for granted. I took the funds for granted and my time spent. After this trip I feel as though I have come to realize my mission. I have also found goals for me to aim towards and a reason to work. 

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