Sunday, March 30, 2014


It’s so crazy to me how, in this day and age, we get caught up in material things. I will be the first one in the room to attest to this statement. When it comes to my gym shoes I do not joke around. I have become so tangled in the “shoe game” that I lost track of what was important in my life. I lost track of what I wanted to be remembered by. I was to the point where I would be remembered as the girl who had all the latest Jordan’s and was always at work but never in class. As I look at it now I see a disaster. Before this trip I would have considered myself lucky to have all this cool stuff.

This trip has helped me to figure out what things I needed to place of high value in my life. I look back on the sit-ins in North Carolina and never do I recall that they considered having on all the latest articles of clothing on when going to the diner. They were more concerned with where they would end up and if they had clean underwear incase that place was jail.

If I may, I believe that majority of my generation was concerned with a lot of the same things that I was. It’s just sad to know that all of them won’t get the same experience that will change their lives and thoughts.  What’s even worst is that some of us who got the experience also “missed” the experience. It’s one thing to learn something and to apply it is another. That is what my generation lacks, application. We have things to stand for but we don’t have the drive to act.

Another thing is the fact that we don’t see what’s right in our face. We as a generation conform to what our bully expects of us. I heard something from my group leader that absolutely blew my mind. She stated, “Only 10% of Wisconsin is Black but 54% of the prison system is composed of African Americans”. How crazy is that? What makes it worse is the fact that not many people know that and not many people care to know.
If not now then when, if not us then who..?

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