Saturday, March 29, 2014


I am glad that we were able to be in the exact spot where nine heroes stepped forward and altered history. They stood for racial equality and they took so many different measures to make sure that this was done. They challenged the society they lived in and I know that if they could do it being about our age that we are today we can do the same and make changes. I ended up watching a clip from Oprah a few years ago that featured 7 of the little rock nine and a few white students who had different doings in this event. One of the students who were brutally evil to the students came on Oprah and apologized for his actions. When asked why did he do the things that he had done he replied it wasn’t out of hate but out of ignorance. Another student who was a part of yelling “2-4-6-8 we don’t want to integrate” and a silent witness both apologized for their actions in this mistreatment of the little rock nine. The root of all racism is ignorance.

It felt surreal looking at the pictures of the school with the mob and watching videos of the mob following the students and everything that was going on. To know that I was standing on that very ground made a more bigger impact on myself. I enjoyed seeing different videos and interviews featuring the little rock nine and getting more in depth on their own personal experiences. They all had similar suffering experiences but they still had their own perspective and seeing that instead of hearing someone talk about them as a whole was very interesting. It made me research more videos and looking more into the media to see how this was covered.

I wish there were more genuine people and resources that were willing to help these students when they needed it the most. Some of these students suffered from trauma that still affects them until this day and that is heartbreaking. I do feel overjoyed with appreciation to these students to making this stand that encouraged those everywhere to make the same stand and give us the opportunity to receive a equal education as many others who may or may not be like us.

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