Monday, March 3, 2014


Hello Everyone! 

My name is Munirat (Muni) Adebimpe and I am one of the professional staff members that will be accompanying all 42 U of I students on the Civil Rights Pilgrimage (CRP)! This is my second time on this trip at the University of Illinois, however, I have been blessed to have a similar experience when I was in graduate school at the University of Rhode Island (my alma mater). So a little about me...I hold a Bachelors degree in Human Development and Family Studies with a focus on adolescents and families and a Masters degree in Human Development and Family Studies with a focus on College Student Personnel. I earned both of my degrees from the University of Rhode Island. I like to say that I've had several lives because I have been formally trained and licensed in over 3 fields. I have been working in student affairs for approximately 3 years and my favorite part of my position is creating opportunities for students to learn, explore, develop and have life changing moments and experiences and I think the CRP does just that for the students that partake!

So what am I passionate about... I am extremely passionate about civil rights issues (of course) more specifically, womens movements and the intersections of race, gender, culture and sexuality. I am always learning in every way possible about these topics and how they have shaped our society. My favorite part about this trip is Little Rock. I love this location because when there, visualizing the moment in history when the desegregation of the school occurred, I'm flooded with emotions. The pain, the strength, the tears, the hate, the love, the mob and the power simply put these emotions overwhelm me. The infamous photo of Elizabeth Eckford doesn't do justice to what she faced on that day and our tour guide from the national park service does an amazing job of sharing her story and the stories of the others involved. At this location specifically, the tears were hard to hold back. I felt the pain here and because of this, it is one of my favorite places, despite the fact that it makes me extremely uncomfortable. 

Overall, this trip will provide you with so much information and I know that all that go on the trip will have a life changing moment or five:-)!

Looking forward to meeting you all on Sunday, March 9th. 


Muni Adebimpe 
Imagine walking into this school with hundred of people taunting, spitting and screaming at you....Some of the hardest things to stomach. Every time I think about my privilege to education, I think of the Little Rock 9

Our 2013 Crew at the Southern Poverty Law Center in Alabama 

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