Saturday, March 8, 2014

Less than 2 weeks!

This year, I had the chance to sit down and talk with nearly all of the students who are going on this years trip and honestly I could not be more excited about the group of you who have chosen to go on this adventure. I feel like this group of students has the potential to be on another level when it comes to diving in and really learning about the lessons from the Civil Rights Movement and how we can apply it to our lives today!

Here is a little bit of info about me. I love social networks so feel free to add me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter or Instagram @januaryboten. I will be documenting the trip in all three of those places, in addition to writing here. I have been on some version of this trip every year but one since 2008. The first time, was with my former institution the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. My mentor, my RA's and I had this crazy idea that we could do this and put this together and since then this trip has become one of my favorite parts of my life. I just know that it is going to touch each one of you in the same way.

This year I am most excited about the new things we have added. We have never gone to Greensboro before and I have high hopes for the museum there. Also, for the first time we are visiting the Mason Temple in Memphis, which is the location of Dr. King's last speech before he was killed. I get chills just thinking of being in the room and imagining being there when he told the crowd that he wouldn't make it to the Mountaintop that he was leading people toward.

The people's lives that we learn about on this trip help me see that the work that every single one of us does on a daily basis is important. Every year I come back fired up. THANK YOU for those of you who have gone in the past for taking a chance on spending your spring break in this way.

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