Thursday, March 27, 2014

It didn’t stop at the bridge.

It didn’t stop at the bridge. It DID NOT stop at the bridge. Those words have been ringing in my head since I heard them on the video earlier today at the Lowndes Interpretive Center. I had not known as much as I did about Bloody Sunday before this trip. It really moved me to be able to stand in the exact spot that it happened and to be able to march over the same bridge where it happened. From speaking with the speaker on the Footprints to Freedom tour I understood so much more about this tragic event. During this trip we have heard so much basic information about Bloody Sunday but learning from someone who was not only a part of it but could point out exactly where each thing took place was mind blowing. Walking in the same path that were walked in by those before me was so amazing. I really reflected on crossing the bridge which was one of my favorite things that I will remember about this trip because when we were at the top and could not yet see what was on the other side I could only imagine what was going through the people of Selma and everyone else in march when they crossed the bridge and saw the sea of blue watching for them. I do not know what I would think. Not knowing what would happen has to be the worse part and going into what turned out to be such a horrific event was something that no one was prepared for. Finding out that the beatings did not stop at the bridge took a toll on me. Those words were never said to me before that video and just hearing the experiences of those people who had to endure it all was beneficial to understanding everything about this event. We were standing on the church ground where the march started and eventually ended; we stood on the stairs where people were pushed down and beaten when trying to get back into the church; we crossed the bridge where Jimmie Lee Jackson was shot. We were in the presence of history. My history. Our history. Today has been the most touching day for me thus far. Today I actually felt the presence of what did happen before me. I am honored to have had this opportunity and these feelings will forever be with me.

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