Sunday, March 21, 2010

Day 1

After spending several hours on the charter bus, I felt as if I was living the old nursery rhyme, "The Wheels on the Bus!" Our travel included several stops allowing us to stretch and for our bus driver to rest. While most of our day was spent on a bus, the time passed by rather quickly due to watching "America Beyond the Color Line" and "Higher Learning." While I may consider myself to be a "Millennial," I found it very interesting how many people had not seen Higher Learning...EVER!!!!

Much of our trip was filled with talking, and getting to know each other. After much ruckus and chatter, the noise level decreased by the hour as people fell asleep one by one. We awoke to find ourselves at The Waffle House (well, one of the MANY) in Atlanta, GA at 4am. Shortly after eating we changed in the bathroom to be ready for 8am Service at Ebenezer Baptist Church. Some (including myself) found that it was better to change at one of the near gas stations. NOTHING LIKE A "STAND UP SHOWER!"

Got to church a little early, but found that there was also a marathon taking place and that the services were combined. No worries, we made it work anyway.

Church was AMAZING! I could not believe how much hospitality that such a prominent church displayed to each of us. We had really good seats for this morning's service. At service we saw, the Bell Ministry (Yes, step yo game up! that's how they roll at Ebenezer), Christine King Farris (Dr. Martin Luther King's oldest and only surviving sibling), praise dancers, sea of angelic voices (choir), a Tuskegee Airman, a multitude of "Crowns" (Church Hats worn by African American Women), Jennifer Holiday (The original Effie White from Dreamgirls..."And I am telling you" minister through song, and SMILEY FACES!

Personal Highlight of Day One: INCLUSIVE WORSHIP!!!!! There was an interpreter for one of the members of the congregation. During praise and worship, the ministry leader brought the interpreter up to the pulpit so that we could all be taught an aspect of the song in sign language so that the member could feel apart of the service. This was very endearing to me, as we were able to share a worship experience due to communication barriers! I loved this INCLUSIVE WORSHIP!!!!!!!!!

The evening was filled with Choose Your Own Adventure downtown. After going to Atlanta's Underground Mall, I met up with an old friend and headed to Gladys Knights Chicken and Waffles to spend my free time.

I can't wait to see what day two brings!!!!

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