Friday, March 19, 2010

What I am most excited about

After looking over the itinerary, I am most excited about going to the Edmond Pettis Bridge with Joanne Bland. One of my favorite classes in high school was America since 1945. We spent most of the class talking about the 60's and 70's in the U.S. and about the Civil Rights Movement. I can remember we watched a video clip of TV news coverage that showed the peaceful protesters on the bridge getting mauled savagely by police dogs and sprayed with high power hoses. When I think of the Civil Rights Movement today it is that footage that sticks with me. Also, Joanne Bland sounds like a very interesting person to meet. I have always wished that I could have been alive at that time to have been a part of the Movement and to have made a difference, but I think by studying the past we can keep their dream alive.

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  1. Wow that sounds really interesting, I wish I got to learn about stuff like that in high school. We got a brief overview of the civil rights movement so I am really excited to learn more and speak with joanne as well.