Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Trip Back In History

Images From A Different Generation

Day 1: Atlanta, GA
Ebenezer Baptist Church

Martin Luther King's birth home

Day 2: Tuskegee, AL
Tuskegee University

Day 3: Montgomery, AL
Rosa Parks Library and Museum
Rosa Parks sitting at the front of desegregated bus, Montgomery, 1956

Alabama State Capitol

Black Students from Tuskegee and Alabama State march on the capitol in Montgomery to demand voting rights.

Blocked and surrounded by cops in front of the capitol.

Dexter Ave. King Memorial Baptist Church
Confrontation at Dexter Avenue Baptist Church

Day 4: Selma, AL
High school students under arrest for marching in support of voter registration, February, 1965. Sheriff Jim Clark supervises their incarceration for crimes against the southern way of life.

To prevent any further marching, the police stretch a rope across Sylvan Street outside of Brown Chapel. It is guarded by a line of cops. Anyone marching past the rope faces arrest, a beating, or worse.

Edmund Pettis Bridge

Hosea Williams (SCLC) and John Lewis (SNCC), followed by Albert Turner (SCLC) and Bob Mants (SNCC), lead the march down from the Edmund Pettus bridge towards the waiting troopers and possemen.

Birmingham, AL
Autherine Lucy and NAACP attorneys Thurgood Marshall and Arthur Shore outside Federal Court in Birmingham during her struggle to integrate the University of Alabama. February, 1956

16th Street Baptist Church — Movement Headquarters.

Thousands of men, women, boys, and girls, are arrested for violating Birmingham segregation laws.

Day 5-6: Little Rock
Little Rock Central High School

The Little Rock 9

Day 7: Memphis, TN

Note- Most of these pictures and descriptions were taken from

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