Thursday, March 25, 2010

Day 2: Martin Luther King Jr. Museum and Tuskegee University

We left our hotel at 8am. 

At the Martin Luther King Jr. Museum we read about the civil rights movement. There were several walls like the one pictured above that had very captivating pictures and descriptions about the struggle for equality.

I found it amazing that they had the actual carriage that held the late Martin Luther King Jr. in his funeral. The carriage was pulled by two horses and it reflected MLK's humble beginnings and how he tried to bring everyone out of poverty.

The quote really got me thinking. Its so amazing how the most deeply embedded segregation laws were changed by a nonviolent movement modeled after Gandhi.

We visited the birth home of Martin Luther King Jr. in Atlanta, GA.

In Tuskegee, AL we went to the Human and Civil Rights Multicultural Center. It was a small museum that had some videos and a really detailed history of Alabama. I read about some really interesting things like the Tuskegee Syphilis study.

We later visited Tuskegee University. Unfortunately we missed the guided tour because of some complications. The campus was surprisingly large considering that the school has only 5,000 students. As you can see the weather was pretty gloomy. It was actually really cold in Alabama when we were in Tuskegee.

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