Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The struggle continues...

My recent interest in everything about social justice inspired to me to go on this trip. I wanted to visit the historic monuments and sites that I read about so frequently in history classes. I'm not even sure I could even put into words what I feel about my experience. This civil rights pilgrimage has truly surpassed my expectations. I've taken tours of Martin Luther King's birth home, the Rosa Parks museum, the southern poverty law center and many others. Unbelievably I've walked across the Edmund Pettus bridge today. I've had dinner with women who were apart of history. I truly believe this an experience, I will remember for a lifetime.

More importantly, I have been inspired beyond measure. I want to attend law school and study public interests law. Before this trip I knew how important lawyers could be in the struggle for social justice. During this trip especially the visit to the aforementioned southern poverty law center, I've realized how lawyers are more of a crucial component than I even realized. Joanne Bland's tour reaffirmed my belief that an united group could make a dramatic change and there is something we all can do. So, even if I never make it to law school, I can still find a way to make a change in this world. While I do believe progress has been made, I know there is still a long road to travel. It would be a grave injustice to those who became before me to sit around and do nothing while the 'dream' has yet to be realized.

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