Thursday, March 25, 2010

A few things

This trip has been really awesome. Everyone is so nice and I am happy to have made so many new friends. Tuesday and Wednesday were the best days of this trip so far. The Rosa Parks Museum had a really cool bus display. Our tour of the capital was with an interesting older gentleman. I especially enjoyed laying down on the floor to look at the ceiling...

One of the biggest highlights was the SCLC. We had to go through a metal detector because the KKK has tried to bomb the place before. The Civil Rights Monument was powerful. It was surreal to touch the place Rosa Parks had once touched. It made me sad to see so many people lost their lives because of the cause.

Speaking with Mary Louis Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Graetz and the other civil rights activists was definitely the biggest highlight. I wish we could have spent more time with them. I deeply appreciate that they would take the time out of their lives just to come talk to us.

Joanne Bland was pretty cool, and marching over the Edmond Pettus Bridge was moving. Several people honked and waved. You can just feel the history of that place. I think it was cool Obama marched there too.

The Bill Clinton library today was pretty interesting. I especially liked the Mickey Mantle rookie card that he received as a gift. I'm sure that's worth a ton of money.

I can't right now but I'll come back and put up pictures once I get home.

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