Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Great Time So Far

Hey guys!

This is Jason speaking and I'm having a great time on the Civil Rights Trip so far! Georgia was pretty cool. I enjoyed the mass at Ebenezer on Sunday: it was such an engaging mass and full of energy compared to the kind of masses that I'm used to. After mass we checked into our first hotel and headed to downtown Atlanta. I ate a nice steak at the Hard Rock Cafe. Being an avid fan of the hard rock genre, visiting this restaurant and watching great music videos while taking goofy pictures was a nice treat. I fell asleep right when we got back to the hotel room since I was so exhausted from the previous night spent entirely on the road.

On Monday we first stopped at a market where I got the chance to buy some nice fruit for a good price. We got on the bus and traveled to Tuskegee where we visited an insightful exhibit containing information about the history of Tuskegee, the contributions of Booker T. Washington and W.E.B. Du Bois and the results of a controversial experiment that I had previously learned about in one of my psychology classes. The next stop was Tuskegee University where my we got some more fun photos. We traveled to a mall where I got to buy a few souvenirs

Today we went into Montgomery and visited multiple exhibits and memorials, all of which were very insightful. My favorite place was the Capital Building where Alabama seceded from the Union during the Civil War Era which created the Confederate States of America. Jefferson Davis was inaugerated outside of the building. It was fascinating visiting this place that I learned so much about in my Honors U.S. History class back in high school. Later we went to a church and I got to meet some great individuals who were key players in the Civil Rights Movement. It was amazing hearing their first hand accounts.

More updates to come!

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