Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Day Three

Ok so today was packed with alot of info and was overall a great experience. We got to visit the Rosa Parks museum which gave everyone a chance to see a reenactment of the activist's infamous arrest that incited the Montgomery Bus Boycott then it was on to state capitol building.

Now that tour brought up alot of discussion within itself. I stood in the very same spot the Confedracy was founded and felt as though I saw the face of oppression. There were these murals depicting slaves SMILING...come on now. That wasn't even brought up by te tour guide when he talked about them (shakes head). Albeit the history of the building was rich and the architecture beautiful but the context was just not there, I mean this is where a struggle for civil rights begins (seeing as how activists had to fight something) and we never discussed how messed up it was.

Next we stopped by the Civil Rights memorial at the SPLC, this was a great overview of forgotten cases and faces of the civil rights struggle. Our guide was really knowledgeable and jer insight was greatly appreciated. After that we made our way to Dr. King's Church and saw where the man himself preached week in week out to no avail.

But the BEST part of the day was saved for last. We got to eat dinner with civil rights movement history themselves. I finally got to hear a perspective from white activists (who gave up their social status to help African Ameicans gain theirs).

Over all a great day and I left so much out :( I apologize for the horrible blog...I'm new to all this. bear with me

bed time, gotta be on the bus in 5 hours...

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