Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My History Lesson

First of all, to be honest, I don't really get excited about anything dealing with history. Not even my own (black history). As I write, I feel different. Not only did this trip allow me to meet some really grand people (inspirational and kind), it taught me a lesson. In Atlanta I did like a video blog and when I was done I kinda felt like it was forced or like I wasnt being true to myself. When we were in Alabama, I wanted to say something else. Something that I knew was from my heart. When we were downtown I called my mom and told her about my day and the museum we had went to. I remember looking into the eyes of an empty robe that once hide the face of a man that despised people like me. Honestly, it hurt. I was on the phone talking to my mom and i was telling her all the hate I seen or felt in just a picture or display. I was born in this era, this generation so Ive been accustomed to what I have and have been given. And because of that I take so much for granted, like many others. Things, rights that so many people fought for and struggled for. Anyways, the point is that this trip opened my eyes to reality. Reality about the past of people who wanted a better life for their children and also the reality I live in now. Although we as a people have come so far, there's so much more that has to be done so that everyone is seen as an Equal. This was more than a pilgrimage or an alternate spring break, it was an honest lesson about our history. A history that is rarely talked about in our schools..

As for the people that were on trip trip with me, I've gotten close to some of you all. Had moments with others. We shared the same experiences and although our reactions or emotions may have been different, we got to learn together. It was a chance to bond with people not like me. And because I did, Im glad I was on this trip. Through the amazing displays, personal stories and even the unpredictable weather, this is one experience I will never forget.

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