Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spring Break

I am really excited about the trip. This will be my first time in the southern region of the US (I live in WNY). I am really looking forward to all of it as I see it as a way to learn about the lives of people that is read in the books and online in a new way. There is a feeling that one gets by being in a place where something happened versus just reading about it. If one is at a distance then one can depersonalize the events, but being bodily there has an impact on a person, thus I am looking forward to meeting those from the Little Rock Nine, visiting the Lorraine Motel, and the Edmund Pettus Bridge. I expect to get emotional at some of these sites. lol .

In addition, I hope that this will be an opportunity for me to make professional and social contacts for the future. As my career I want to work in a institution that is dedicated to preserving Black history and visiting the places that embody this is a great experience for me.

I look forward to meeting all of you on Saturday!! Have a good week :)

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