Thursday, March 25, 2010

Day 3: Montgomery, AL

Yes! We arrived in Montgomery Alabama!!

We went into the Rosa Parks museum! It was so cool! They had movies, interactive stations, and very interesting documents from the Civil Rights Movements. One thing that really captured my attention was a big poster of MLK in front of his home right after it got bombed by the KKK(?). There was an angry mob gathered in front of his home ready to raise hell.... MLK told the crowd to go home and that violence was not the answer. Can you imagine what a heavy heart he must have had telling the crowd to go home when just witnessed his family almost get killed?

Unfortunately we were not allowed to take pictures inside the museum. I wish I could have taken a picture of one thing in the museum; MLK at night when he was having second thoughts about the civil rights movement. MLK had received a letter containing a bomb threat on his home. The scene showed MLK drinking coffee in the kitchen alone as he was thinking about his wife and children. He was worried about his family and if the time was right for the movement. He prayed a very powerful prayer that asked God if what he was doing was right. I don't remember the exact words of MLK, but his prayer really moved me.

In front of the movie theater where Rosa Parks was arrested. 

Photography is very shocking stuff.

After visiting the Rosa Parks Museum, we walked to the state capitol building. This day was a bit warmer, around 65 degrees.

The beautiful ceiling of the Alabama State Capitol Building.

In front of the Civil Rights Memorial at the Southern Poverty Law Center. There was a wall in front of the building with a famous quote by Martin Luther King Jr.

April 4th, 1968 - Martin Luther King Jr. assassinated. 

A student touching the wall

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