Wednesday, March 23, 2016


Today we were in Montgomery, Alabama. We started off at the State Capitol which made me uncomfortable since it glorified the Confederacy so much, especially the people in power who had a significant role in the violence involved in the Civil Rights Movement. My attitude changed once we went to the Dexter Avenue Baptist Church. The tour guide, Wanda, was probably the best tour guide I have had. Her passion for the church and the Civil Rights Movement in general was truly inspiring. She is one of those people who gleams positive energy and passes it along to everyone she meets. She reminds me of all the prominent people who lead the Civil Rights Movement. They all, especially Dr. King, had such a passion and an extreme drive to accomplish equality for all that they would stop at nothing and even give their lives for the cause. It wasn't even just adults, but children, too, who were devoted to achieve equal rights. I think that we need more people today like Wanda who is a leader and can bring a group together to make changes. I don't think the Movement is done, I think that we should still be working towards equality.

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