Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Day 4: Tuskegee, Alabama

 Sorry for the late post! I was very tired yesterday but this is what I wrote for day four.

 Today we had the opportunity to listen to Dr. Bernard Lafayette who was a civil rights activist. He was a key leader when it came to helping African Americans gain the right to vote. Lafayette also emphasized that when the Freedom Riders dismantled, it was him along side other University of Tennessee students that continued the trip. During that time, Tennessee had already been successful in integrating buses and restaurants. So Lafayette and his peers knew that integration was possible! I was truly inspired to listen to such an accomplished individual. His story motivated all of us to find something that we truly care about and begin to address it. He told us that life is short, so within our lifetime we should be making a contribution in this world. 

After listening to Dr.Bernard Lafayette, we headed to Tuskegee University. There we were able to eat their dining hall food along with getting a tour of the school. During the tour,  I was able to learn about George Washington Carver. Prior to the tour, I do not recall ever learning about George Washington Carver. His devotion to research to alternative crops was extremely impressive! 
Once we left Tuskegee University, we then went to the Tuskegee Multicultural Center. At the Tuskegee Multicultural Center we were able to meet and listen to Attorney Fred Gray! This was incredibly awesome because he made a huge contribution during the Civil Rights Movement. He was  Martin Luther King Jr 's first Civil Rights Lawyer. And he defended Rosa Park's during the bus boycott movement and fought for integration. 

Overall today we had the opportunity to listen to such inspiring leaders! They have truly inspired me and left me contemplating on what will my contribution be to this world. Once I return to campus, I will seek the resources and training needed to begin my development as a leader!

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