Thursday, March 24, 2016

Eboni Bradley Day 5 and 6

I enjoyed going to the church for Day 5. Our tour guide was the most vibrant and spiritual person and you can feel it in every word that she said. From us singing together to us holding hands in prayer the whole tour was delightful. Then going to the musuem with the water table and being able to learn about some of the unsung heroes in the Civil Rights movement and then being able to add my name to the wall of others who have visited and have decided to stand up for injustice was definitely an honor!
Day 6 has been the most realist experience that I have had all trip! Going through the slavery simulation was both intense and unrealistic. To be have a set range of emotions and to realize that what I sent through in the simulation was not half as bad as what really happened was crazy to me but I felt that I learned alot from it. Everything that happened there gave me a new perspective of the things I've learned this far and how much others had to go through to get me to where I am now. Then being able to walk the bridge where the Selma to Montgomery marched started was another perspective that I gained. Just being able to get a living experience of marching across that bridge and imagining it being filled with thousand of people of different race fighting for one cause was a beautiful thing.

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