Monday, March 21, 2016

                                                                Day 3: Atlanta, Georgia 

Today we woke up to a chilly morning in Atlanta! The hotel manager told us that we are bringing the cold weather from Illinois down here to Atlanta. I am starting to believe that is true because we have not had a day with warm weather! On the bright side of today we were able to eat some hot breakfast.  After breakfast, we went to the King Center where we were able to see Dr. King's house, tomb and church. Unfortunately, we were unable to tour the inside of his house, but we did manage to take some pictures of his house!

Once we left the King Center we then had some free time in downtown Atlanta. We had the opportunity to go to the Georgia Aquarium, Coke Museum, Olympic Park, or tour the CNN building. I was not sure where to go so I decided to hang out with the two facilitators of the program Maria and Ronald. Eventually, we decided to hang out in Olympic park and check out the Coke Museum store. I was ask my facilitators more on what they are studying and what was it like planning the Civil Rights Pilgrimage. The amount of work that they had to do to plan the Civil Rights Pilgrimage amazed me! They are both sophomores and they contributed a great amount of work to the trip. After listening to them about being a facilitator, it interest me to try to become one for next year.

The best part about today was visiting the National Center for Civil and Human Rights! This by far has been my favorite museum on the trip! It was very interactive and it had an abundant amount of information that started from segregation in the past to current issues that society is facing today. This museum had this Greensboro sit-in simulation where we had to sit on these stools and listen to a recording of  threats that African Americans had to endure. This simulation was only a minute long and I was having a hard time remaining calm. We had headphones on and there were so many insults and enraged people just kept on yelling louder and louder. I was already showing fear from listening to a minute of these insults. It deeply sadden me that this is what many African Americans had to endure on a daily basis.

Lastly, we ate dinner at Paschal's and I found out that this restaurant hosted many of the Civil Rights planning meetings. After dinner we returned to our hotel were we had a discussion on what are our thoughts about the musuem so far. Today was a great day and I sure am tired! We have a full day ahead of us tomorrow and we have to be up bright an early. I'm definitely looking forward for tomorrow!

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