Thursday, March 24, 2016

Fredie Toussaint's Post: Alabama

First we got travel to the National Voting Rights and Institute Museum. It was very powerful. The pain that Dr King and the Foot Soldiers and Soldiers for justice endured on bloody Sunday and up until the passage of the voting fights of 1965 is something that needs to stay near and dear to us. Our RIGHT to vote MUST be exercised and used for those who fought. I realized the importance of voting and after this we went to one of the most interactive, chilling, yet so powerful museums, The Slavery and Civil War museum. We were taking a tour and immediately treated as slaves as apart of a stimulation. We traveled through the slave boats, were able to experience the feeling of fear and anxiety of the inhumane treatment many slaves felt and our tour guides vast array of passion and knowledge really helped us to realize what a detrimental time in history this was. The experience was intense, but I'm so grateful for it. I know that many ancestors who endured this had it way worse and that i was extremely privileged just from this one experience. My heart is heavy for the realization but this part of the tour has by far been my favorite. To be submerged within the culture is immeasurable.  After this museum we got to walk across the Edmund Pettis Bridge, the actual bridge where Bloody Sunday and the march from Selma to Montgomery occurred. This is something i will never forget. Today has by far been one of the greatest days & i'll never forget it.

-Fredie Toussaint

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