Monday, March 21, 2016

Day 2 and 3 Thoughts

Charleston was a quick stop! I thought it was moving to attend service at Mother Emanuel A.M.E. Church, and that they seemed in good spirits and overcoming the tragedy they endured last summer. The congressional civil rights pilgrimage attended the service as well, and one member that stood out was John Lewis (a very influential civil rights leader). After the service we walked around Charleston, took some nice pictures, and a large group of us went to Kickin' Chicken for lunch which was very delicious.

We then traveled to Atlanta and a large group of us went to Cascade at night when we arrived at the hotel after our first discussion. The next morning/today we had the busiest day yet, but I loved every part of it! We started at the King Center where we got to explore the wonderful museum, the church MLK attended as a child, and his childhood home. We then had some free time and a group of us were able to see both the CocaCola museum and tour the CNN headquarters. The CNN tour was fantastic, and I felt I got the inside scoop on how they produce news.

Finally, we ended at my personal favorite museum yet, the International Civil Rights Museum. They had a simulation of a sit in protest, and it was more powerful then I expected. It sounded like someone was yelling/whispering in one ear and then the other, and it almost felt like your chair was shaking (even though we had just watched the people go before us and it was just sound from headphones). I know many trip participants were amazed at how difficult it was to endure just 1min 40sec of what these protesters endured for so many hours and multiple days. I also loved becoming more informed about other civil rights struggles internationally because there are so many parallels between the civil rights movement in the US. We ended with dinner at Paschal's, which I recently learned was used to plan many civil rights events. Overall, such a great day!

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