Monday, March 21, 2016

Brief introduction: 
Hi, I'm Daisha and I am a junior majoring in Psychology, interested in focusing on mental health in the Black community as well as children. The reason I wanted to participate in the Civil Rights Pilgrimage is to receive hands on learning experience concerning African American History. While I have visited a couple of places on the itinerary, after taking some classes I am interested in seeing how my perspective will have changed. It will also be intriguing to connect the stories I have been told with their settings. 

It is 2am and after traveling approximately 12 plus hours from Chicago we have finally made it to Greensborough, NC. Tomorrow or today actually begins the pilgrimage as we will be going to the International Civil Rights Museum, the Greensboro Historical Museum and North Carolina A&T University. I am most excited about going to the museums and absorbing as much as I can. I also look forward to being on an Historically Black College/University campus and seeing the differences between a Predominantly white institution as an African American student.   

Written on: March 19th 

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