Thursday, March 24, 2016


Two emotions that I have felt so far on this trip were despair and frustration. I feel despair and sadness towards the victims of the Civil Rights Movement who were tortured and have lost their lives for the cause of equality: the people who knew the risks and were willing to set aside their fear to endure the suffering so black people could have a better future, and the people who were innocently in the wrong place at the wrong time. 

I was frustrated when I saw that white people were being so cruel towards black people for no particular reason other than a difference in skin tone. Their ignorance and hateful pride angers me to the core. How could anyone be that evil, and a better question: how could so many people do such evil things and think it's okay?

Another emotion I felt was shame. I am proud of who I am as an individual person but learning how awful white people were really made me ashamed and guilty. The white race has so much to be sorry for yet we really aren't, and the more I learn about how terrible white supremacy was, the more I want to make a change and make sure the future doesn't consist of such violence and hatred. 


  1. I absolutely know how you felt that day. I think in order to correct one's self you must first acknowledge the problems within this world and how each and every one of us plays a part in perpetuating the ignorance. Let's make this world better!

    1. Shaliyah Brown wrote the above comment btw