Saturday, March 19, 2016

Day 1-Greensboro

Today was a packed day. We are back on the road headed to Charleston.

Here are my thoughts on the day:

We started out with lunch. I had fabulous fish tacos. YUM!

Then we visited the International Civil Rights Institute and Museum. After some issues at the museum they finally got us in for a fabulous tour. The part that always hits me hardest is the "Wall of Shame" where they have photos of some of the worst things imaginable including a lynching, Bob Zwerg after he was attacked on thr Freedom Rides, and the raw photo of Emmitt Till after the brutal attack against him. Those are the things we like to believe America is better than. At least I like to believe that we can be better than that. However I know that these incidents have morphed into slightly different yet eerily similar forms of violence today.

Next we went to the Greensboro Historical Society.  This museum is beautiful and packed with information.  Unfortunately we had a tour guide who chose to call a KKK robe beautiful and that was hard to hear from someone who I think really believes she is on the right side of history fighting for good.

After that, we headed to the North Carolina A & T campus. We were able to take a photo with the statue of the 4 students who organized the very first lunch counter sit in.

After that, we had the pleasure of sitting in for a lecture with Political Science professor Art Davis, where we brainstormed our solutions to mass incarceration. It was inspiring to think of the concrete solutions that we all can be working toward.

Lastly we had one more meal before getting on the bus. I see lots of happy faces tonight on the bus so I believe today was a success.

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