Sunday, March 20, 2016

Mariya Kovalchuk's post from 1st Discussion

 So far this has been a fantastic trip! Before this trip I knew not very much about the civil rights movements in our country. This trip is definitely exposing me to a lot of new information. Through the museum visits, movies, and traveling from state to state I have found that there are so many different stories that have stayed alive from the civil rights movement. Going through the museum tour it gives you a feel and knew knowledge about what the sit-ins were like and what sacrifices people all over America made. Being in the Mother Emanuel church today was amazing! Being invited to watch a religious ceremony that was so deep gave me the amazing commitment individuals have to their faith and how this faith has kept them working to keep civil rights alive even today where racism and injustice still lives on. This has been the beginning of a new learning process for me. I still have a ton to learn but just this exposure is educating me and inspiring me through the power of each individual's courage and actions. 

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