Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Eboni Bradley Day 3 and 4

Day 3 and 4 have held the most impact on me during this trip. Going to the National Center for Civil Rights and being able to do the simulation of a African American sit-in was a speechless for me. The feeling that I got from sitting in that chair for a minute or two was haunting and to know that the individuals who did the actual sit-ins were there from two or more hours was really mind blowing. I do feel like I've gained alot from the written knowledge inside of each museum but what I go from that simulation I will never forget.
Next, going to Tuskegee University and being able to learn their history and to get the feeling of being at a HBCU was a new experience for me. Just looking around and see so many others that looks like me and understand my standpoint in this world was amazing because we don't get that at University of Illinois. Also, being able to meet and hear from Dr. Lafayette and Attorney Grey was remarkable. To be able to listen to individuals who stood, helped and represented other individuals in the civil rights movement was an honor because many people won't get this chance in their life time. The knowledge I recieved from them and their stories will also be a part of this trip I will never forget.

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