Monday, March 20, 2017

Day 2 in Washington D.C.

    I actually enjoyed my time being back in Washington D.C. The first day we didn't do that much much being that we were behind schedule the first day. I had a deep discussion with my group about how buildings such as the White House and other buildings were built by slaves. It's amazing how disrespected and humiliated African-Americans were treated from slavery through today. Tourist from all over visit and are astounded by the buildings. White people have lived in the White House with no Black president until 2008 and Black people weren't even allowed to visit back then. 
     Early this morning, we attended Frederick Douglass's home. He was pretty wealthy later in his life working for the president. I never really heard a lot about him but the basics. I never knew he was in an interracial relationship. He was a spokesman for women's rights and many other issues. He was an amazing man. Being able to attend the National African American Museum was such a blessing. The group was told to start from the top and work my way down. I couldn't help myself but to start at the basement so I can get a full timeline. The set up of the museum was so amazing. They had start of how slave trade was such a success. They had views of plantations, whips, chains, old artifacts of slave ships. It then move towards Jim Crow Laws, Civil Rights movement, the Black Panther, it was so overwhelming. I got really emotional at the Emitt Till memorial. Seeing his mother cry over his casket and his mom allowing the world to see how badly her son was beaten made me reflect on the issues today. Officers killing young people today over situations that don't require anyone to get hurt Mothers of the victims telling the news to be cautious and watch how you communicate with police. Overall, the museum has been the highlight of my trip. My favorite part was the top floor. I call it Black Excellence being that everything was about the accomplishments of Black people in Music, Art, and entertainment. So many old clothing from well known artists, music playing, movies, tv shows, you name it. This experience made me realize how far we've come and we all can continue to flourish in society. We have a voice and if we stick together we CAN make changes!

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