Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Update for Montgomery


Tomorrow morning we will meet at the bus at 8:30am.  We are sleeping in Montgomery another night, so you can leave your bags in your room.  This is a really packed day so make sure you get a good night of sleep and you wear comfortable shoes.

Our first stop is at 9am at the Rosa Parks Museum.  In order to make this tour work with our schedule they had to have us do the tour backward from the way they normally do it.  We will tour the exhibits on our own when we first get there and then at 8:30am we will watch a film about the Bus Boycott.  As soon as the movie is over we need to head out to the bus quickly so that we make it to the next stop on time.  If you are buying something in the gift shop, make sure you do it before the movie starts at 8:30.

At 10am we are doing a tour of the Alabama State Capitol.  As you tour the Capitol keep in mind that all of the third graders in Alabama come to do the tour at some point during their year.  What do you think that the third graders learn about their state from touring this building?  We will leave at 10:45 and walk down to our next stop since it is only 2 blocks away.

At 11am we are touring Dexter Avenue Baptist Church.  This is the first church that Dr. King presided over and was the only church he was ever the head of.  The bus boycott was planned in the basement of this church. 

At Noon we are having lunch at the RSA Tower. This is a cafeteria for government workers.  There are several different lines once you get inside, so if the line seems long you might want to see if there are actual lines for all of the stations or just one. We will meet at 1pm to walk to the Freedom Rides Museum together.

At 1:15 we are touring the Freedom Rides Museum.  Make sure you are on the lookout for Dr. LaFayette at this museum.  They have his picture up a couple of places. At 2pm we will load the bus to head to the Southern Poverty Law Center.

At 2:30 is our tour of the Southern Poverty Law Center Civil Rights Memorial.  Leave anything you don’t need on the bus.  They make us go through a metal detector before we can enter the memorial, leaving unneeded things on the bus will make things go quicker.  However, people usually like the stuff in their gift shop, so if you are a shopper bring your money.

At 3:30 we are headed to hear a speaker at the Equal Justice Initiative.  The Equal Justice Initiative is committed to ending mass incarceration and excessive punishment in the United States, to challenging racial and economic injustice, and to protecting basic human rights for the most vulnerable people in American society.

At 5:15 we will head to dinner at Eastdale Mall.  We will give you a little time to shop or walk around the mall.  We will load back up on the bus at 7:15pm

At 7:30 we will have discussion at the Holiday Inn Express.

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