Friday, March 17, 2017

Washington DC (Day 1)!


We will arrive in Washington DC at 3 AM on Saturday! After getting an ample amount of rest, we will start our day at 11 AM having lunch at the Springfield Town Center, so please be on the bus no later than 10:40 AM. This is the mall nearest to the hotel and although we are there for about an hour for lunch, feel free to walk around and enjoy the mall. This is a day filled with walking so make sure you get a good meal in and are wearing your comfortable shoes. The weather for today will be around 55 degrees and partly cloudy.

Promptly at 12:30 PM, thus we will need to be on the bus at 12:00 PM sharp. we will begin our Capitol Tour. This is a guided tour, thus we will have a person giving us descriptions and details about the ins and outs of the Capitol Building. Keep in mind that this is our first time we have been given this opportunity, and we would like to keep coming back, so please be attentive and have fun. The Capitol Tour will last roughly about an hour and after we will get back on the bus and make our way towards the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial.

At the memorial,  we take our first group photo during our trip. From there, about 2 PM, we will have free time till 4 PM. During this time, there is so much that you all have opportunities to do. For example, you can visit other museums along the National Mall, you can visit the Lincoln Memorial, and many more. The National Mall is America’s most visited national park, so there are endless and timeless memories that can be made.

After free time, we will travel to Hard Times Cafe for dinner. The bus ride will be about 15 minutes, so please be on the bus on time! This is an American restaurant, thus they serve everything from burgers to pizza to chicken tenders and much more. Additionally, we will be in there Large Room that hosts pool tables and other games. At around 6:30 PM we will load the bus and head back to the hotel. Since this is our first night on the trip, things will be a bit hectic in regards to getting backs, assigning keys, and just getting settled. Although hectic it is manageable. Once settled in, or at least comfortable, each group will have discussion at 7:30 PM in their assigned location (TBA - depends on the hotel setup). Discussion, since it is the first night, will not be too long, but long enough to get everyone initial reaction to the trip thus far. After discussion, you are free to utilize your time however you would like, just remember you are still representing the University of Illinois.

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