Thursday, March 23, 2017

Post from Ciera Phillips

So far, the most impactful part of the trip to me was visiting the African American museum in D.C, listening to Dr. Benjamin Newhouse, and listening to Dr. Cherry give a tour of Dr. King Jr.'s home. All of these moments have given me advice, understanding, and confidence in my future endeavors when educating. I've learn so much in the museum and it gave me a sense of pride in my culture, making me eager to tell my future students and mentees! I asked Dr. Newhouse for advice in getting my students, who are mostly African Americans, more engage in their culture, and he enlightened me dearly. He told me to start at the beginning and ask them what they want to be and whatever they want to be start with knowing their history. Dr. Cherry was filled with character and I loved her! She gave us all hope and laughs. She made me feel strong and like I can make an extraordinary impact, today, even though I feel so ordinary. 


Ciera Phillips 

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