Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Tuskegee, AL

While in Tuskegee, we went to the Tuskegee Airmen National Historic Site. I also liked how interactive that was. We were able to hear some of the monologues from the airmen and their officers, which I thought was really cool. And seeing the planes was also really cool for me. I never understood how they sat in those tiny planes until I saw one in person. They actually had a lot of room. 

Being at Tuskegee University made me appreciate black culture more, especially being in the dining hall with he students. I really enjoyed the tour of Booker T Washington’s house. I love how he accommodated for his last wife that stayed in the home, his children, and the students. It amazing how lavishly they were living in such a bad time for black people. That made me see that as a people we can do and overcome anything s long as we work to it. We was a rich man in a time wee black people barely had anything, so that meant a lot to me. It meant more to me when I learned what we did to get to where he was like walking 53 miles just to get a job to pay for school. I think that’s amazing for a man to be that determined to make a change in his life. 

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