Sunday, March 19, 2017

From Jalen Young

Reflection : Touring the Capitol Building was a very interesting experience. I enjoyed what I had seen but upset by what I was not able to see.  I desired for the tour to cover more areas of the Capitol Building and even somehow allow us to see an active session of congress. During the tour as he was explaining different things I noticed that he did not give too much information of the Constitution’s inception. Matter of fact, when watching the pre-lecture in the auditorium it did not give too much detail on the Constitution’s creation. Albeit I do not expect a tour guide to know everything about US history and all its details nor a pre-lecture to have included so much information, but I believe it is very important to know because it is the very foundation of our nation. Moreover, I wanted to question our tour guide about the validity of the Constitution. Reason being is that the Constitution was actually an illegal document according to the Articles of Confederation, which was the United States’ first constitution. I wanted to see what he would have to say against it. However, I did not want to put a wrench in our group’s plans seeing that we were on a time schedule and a discussion such as that would take at least 20-30 minutes to get through. I want to be clear on my statement that it is not a conspiracy theory or a stretched interpretation of events. The constitution being an illegal document is easy to perceive when reading the Articles of Confederation. Knowing this and analyzing history of the United States will allow us to realize that when it comes to order in society that the type of government does not matter in bringing about the welfare and happiness of the majority in society. Yes, I understand that there are some types of government that are more helpful to the goal of society’s welfare and happiness, but it is not the deciding factor. It was never about the type of government, but who you know in government. I do not have the space here to express myself fully on the matter, but if one were to just recall many of the hypocritical events that have transpired in the United States they would see this to be true.

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