Thursday, March 23, 2017

Post from Austin McWilliams

Today was easily my favorite day of the trip so far!  Dr. Shirley was such a character, and she was incredibly inspiring.  Her outlook on life and the future gave me hope, and her message of radical inclusivity would make anyone feel welcome.  I loved how she persevered through her time and encouraged the people in our group to persevere through theirs.  Despite all the racism she's faced throughout her life, she insisted on never giving up and never letting the bigots get to her.

She had a tag line for every situation, and her advice was sage.  She was also obviously very well educated, and she could quote just about any intellect word for word! Then when she started speaking directly to Andre in the kitchen, I really started to tear up.  She moved me with her energy and her message like no one else on this trip has.

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