Sunday, March 26, 2017

Post from Claudia Roberts

Day 1: 3/18/2017

On this day I really enjoyed the capitol tour one of the most interesting parts of this say was the realization that even the capitol was built off of slave labor it made me give so much more respect and gratitude to my ancestors. It also made me look at this work and apply it to the country as a whole knowing the work that slaves are responsible for and have a greater appreciation for it. Having the opportunity to view the MLK memorial for the first time was a great it was so beautiful. The quotes surrounding the memorial were extremely inspirational.

Claudia Roberts

Day 2: 3/19/2017

On this day we visited the Frederick Douglass home. This was a surreal experience because I have read countless books on Douglass and his life story. The home and the museum were so informational being in his home gave me feelings of warmth and welcomeness. The second thing that we did on this day was visit the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture. I was so excited for this and it was one of the most eye opening experiences that I have had in my whole life. Starting at the bottom of the last floor exhibit I immediately began to tear up. Although, I knew the horrors of the middle passage and what slaves went through actually seeing this in depth in the museum broke my heart. To be torn away from your family and loved ones as well as your culture and exposed to such horrendous conditions is disgusting. I was so overwhelmed with emotions. As we moved up in the museum the lights went from dark to dim we were now in the era of slavery. The emotions hit even harder for me on this stage. On the next level the abolishment of slavery was present and then on to segregation and civil rights. For me, the civil rights era was the most eye opening because it was a time in which my parents and grandparents were alive and endured. This museum showed me how far African AMericans have came and how much farther we have to go. It is ultimately my job to carry the torch my ancestors lit for us. This was my favorite day so far. Although I couldn’t explore the whole museum what I saw was amazing and I would love to go back in the future.

Claudia Roberts
Day 3: 3/20/2017

I enjoyed visiting the international civil rights museum. When I realized that the museum was built around the Greensboro four sit in counter I was immediately intrigued. It was always something about sit ins that had intrigued me and seeing this made me very emotional.

Claudia Roberts

Day 4: 3/21/2017
This morning we got to visit the Martin Luther King Center. The whole morning was a beautiful experience for me. Visiting the Ebenezer baptist church where MLK once preached at was amazing. We also stopped by a nearby firehouse which we saw pictures of rooms inside of Martin Luther King's house I found this very interesting. I spent my Free time at the Coca-Cola factory which I enjoyed a ton. I got to experience what It would be like to actually be in a sit in and I cried during this time. Towards the end of the day we meet with Dr. Lafayette this was so amazing. Having the opportunity to ask him questions and speak to him on his experience during the civil rights is something that I will never take for granted. He is so informed and knowledge and has done so much in the fight for equality. Having the opportunity to be in his presence was truly a gift and something I will never forget.

Day 5: 3/22/2017

Today was my first time being on an HBCU campus. I loved the vibe and environment and being in a place with so much history dedicated to the progression of african American scholars is something I will never forget.

Day 6: 3/23/2017
---I was sick and stayed in bed this day :(

Day 7: 3/24/2017
The footprints to freedom tour was one of my favorites so far. It really made me cry because it put me in the mindset of how it would feel to be a slave. Being treated in the way a slave would and stripped of identity made me think on a lot of things. One of the most impactful moments for this was the way in which the N word was used to hurt and purposely tear down slaves which made me think about its use to day and how people oftentimes don’t see it sprouting from this. The man who gave the tour was very passionate which helped contribute to my experience. The museum connected past and present and was a true gem on our trip.

Day 8: 3/25/2017

The time is going by so fast! I cannot believe that this is our last journey and my last blog. As our trip comes to an end today was one of my favorite days. On our museum trip this morning we got to go to the exact site Dr.King was assassinated. Once again I was overwhelmed with emotions because It made me wonder what the impact of additional work Dr. King could have done if it was never to happen and what part I play in continuing his everlasting legacy. The museum we visited today also shows that the fight for equality for everyone is far from finished and it is up to our youth to continue it. Following this we visited the amazing Stax records and Beale street. We also had time to look at photographs in the Ernest Withers museum which were absolutely stunning and breathtaking photos.

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