Thursday, March 23, 2017

Post from Michelle Gil

Today I felt various of emotions. I first felt annoyed by the first tour lady because she didn't mentioned too much about African American history. When asked who built the building, she said "I don't know. Contractors possibly." Maybe she really didn't know but slavery existed when the State Capitol was established. She theb briefly mentioned MLK and Rosa Parks like if it was not a powerful movement that took action by brave people. This evidently shows the improvement (some) white southern people need. 

However, after the first one, I definitely appreciated the second trip. Dr. Cherry, a powerful African American that takes pride of the civil right movement, is an incredible one. She reminded us that even though bad people do bad things we need to forgive and like MLK, fight bad with love. She proceed to encourage us telling us that we can make a difference and not let anyone define our character. It's hard to describe the feeling...but it was inspiring. 

And lastly Anthony made me feel anger towards injustice. Spending 30 years for a crime he didn't commit because he's black is tragic! He was originally sentenced to death until he got an attorney. First of all, why is a death penalty still an option?! An eye for an eye doesn't make things right....anyway, the amount of people that are falsely accused is ridiculous and shows racism and need more people to fight for those who are voiceless. 


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