Sunday, March 19, 2017

From Terrell announcements for Monday

Terrell - Greensboro

Monday, March 20, 2017

Hello everyone,

Sunday at Midnight arrive in Greensboro where we will stay at the Holiday Inn Express.

Our Monday activities will include going to the International Civil Rights Museum. We will arrive there at 9:30am. There will be a guided tour at this museum as we learn the story of the Greensboro Four, and how they were the great leaders of the sit-ins. Last year they showed us a documentary before we went on our tour, so be prepared to watch that as you will need this to help connect your knowledge with what you’ll be seeing during the tour.

At 11:05am we will have Guest Speaker Dr. Tara Green speak with after we tour the museum. Special thanks to Dr. Bailey for reaching out to Dr. Green for us and getting her to be our speaker. Please show gratitude and respect for Dr. Green because she’s giving us her time out of her busy schedule.

Lastly, at 12:05 we will have lunch in Downtown Greensboro. You have the freedom to choose where you want to eat in that area. Food places include: Crafted the Art of the Taco, Koshary, Jimmy Johns, Subway, etc. Be mindful that we do have to be on the bus by 12:55pm in order to leave at 1pm as planned. Where you eat includes walking distance, waiting time to be seated and to get food, and time it takes to eat and get back to the bus.

At 1pm, we will leave Greensboro for Atlanta, GA. We will also stop for dinner while we are on the road. We will arrive in Atlanta at 7pm at the Hampton Inn. To give you guys a little time to get your room situation taken care of, we’ve allotted almost an hour for you to get comfortable. At 7:55 we will have a discussion about the how things are going on the trip so far. After discussion, you guys are free to go to bed, socialize, etc. We know that Atlanta is one of the favorite cities on our itinerary, so we have had people leave the hotel in the past to go to Walmart, Cascade Skating, etc. However, you should remember that this is not the party trip, but you are still allowed to enjoy yourself. We just ask that if you plan on leaving the hotel that you let January or Kim know where you’re going. You are responsible for being back at the hotel, and we will be leaving the hotel at 8am.

Weather - 64* HI, 43* LO - Periods of clouds and sun

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