Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Post from Djordje Takov

Today was an amazing day. Just the fact that we got a chance to visit MLK's house made me excited for today, however I never expected this event was going to be so impactful on me. Dr. Shirley made the experience borderline life changing. I enjoyed her amazing personality and charisma from the moment we stepped through the door and as the tour went along she became increasingly amazing. I enjoyed her connections of Dr. King's life to our lives and the representation of his life as simple and similar to everyone else's life. Her quotes from numerous books including MLK's that were closely connected to all important events following civil rights movements made me internally reflect on all the things that we have seen so far. I also enjoyed the personal connection that I felt during the tour, and her caring and involved approach. I got a chance to take a photo with her and shake her hand which I see as an amazing privilege. I hope that sometime during my college career I get to have a professor like her. A professor like her would enable me to advance myself both professionally and personally but beside those I would enjoy their presence and learn much more that I would from a typical college professor.

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