Thursday, March 23, 2017

Post from Mariah Mack

Mr. Anthony Hinton's story touched me the most because my entire life I have listened to stories about people being sent to prison and death row that was innocent. His story meant so much to because it was a feeling I felt in my heart as he talked that made me feel so much compassion for him. He told us of how the officers said they didn't even care if he really shot the person or not, and that he would be he one paying for the crime of "one of his homeboys". I thought it was so important how the people analyzing the bullets and other pieces of evidence basically admitted thirty years later that the bullets from his mother's gun and the gun that killed the man did not even match. This really made me think of the potential impact I can make in the community because I plan on becoming a forensic chemist which is one the people who analyzes the items from crime scenes. It made me realize that I can really make a difference in the court system one day. 


Mariah Mack

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign || College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Chemistry || Class of 2020

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