Sunday, March 26, 2017

Memphis, TN

Memphis was great. It was the funnest of all of the places. We had a lot of free time on Beale Street which was great. The food was amazing and the ambiance kind of reminded me of a small festival in Chicago.
Going to the Lorraine Motel gave me a lot of insight of how a man could be the kindest, most peaceful, and non-violent ever and still fall victim to a hate crime. I think Martin Luther King Jr.'s death was one that was the most unexplainable. What drives a man to kill someone who is not hurting anyone? I will always wonder that; and I'll alway wonder about Jesse Jackson's role in the whole thing. But, that's another story.
The Stax Museum was also very nice. I hate that the assassination of MLK caused the fall of Stax as a record label. They had such a historic and iconic run while it lasted. I also appreciated the music that was played--I knew most of it. It was fun.

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